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Post-Pandemic Guidelines We Follow At The Blue Orchid Hotel

With new standards of cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing, the Blue Orchid hotel has reopened safely and securely after a coronavirus lockdown. But at this time, people-to-people sectors, such as hospitality, are in danger because people are afraid of spreading the infection or falling ill, so they rely mainly on social distancing.

In addition, health ministers are not easing restrictions and allowing many hotels in Kolkata and other states of India to resume work. This is because it is currently unclear how to maintain hygiene, arrange staff computers or properly clean the menu on the tables.

However, all these issues still exist and every hotel must be prepared to treat a wide range of viruses, including coronavirus. We are one of them who want to serve our customers with all the safety and hygiene measures. Thankfully, the virus is coming to an end but we are taking permanent measures against germs, filth and infections.

Remote Hotel Management:

Many hotels in Sector V has taken up telecommuting as a convenient way to run their businesses successfully. We take pride in being one of them. Our hotel managers are able to keep everything under control from any device while maintaining social distancing during this crucial time of the pandemic. Hoteliers are free to administer rates, reservations, taxes etc without coming in direct contact with the guests.

Contact Less Payment Via Smartphone

Digital payments via smartphones are the easiest and fastest way to pay bills. It has gained much popularity all around the world. Besides, coins, notes and paper-bills are potential modes of Coronavirus transmission. Thus we have decided to shift to the cashless payment mode..

Simply put, the whole pandemic situation will end but our relationship with our guests will last. As hoteliers, we are doing everything we can to keep our guests safe, secured and entertained.




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