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Ultimate Guide To Choose One Of The Best Corporate Hotels In Kolkata

Are you planning a business trip to Kolkata soon? A great business hotel can actually make or break a business tour. Alright, the statement might be a little dragged on but let’s face it.

Suppose you are staying at one of the best corporate hotels in Kolkata which caters to all your specific needs. Getting uninterrupted services really makes your business meetings and deals much easier. Thankfully, hotels have started to identify the requirements of business trips and professional executives. That is why a trend of business-friendly stays has taken the world over the storm.

Here is the list of the benefits you will get during your stay at a corporate hotel-

1. In-Room Wifi

Having a WiFi room is perhaps the biggest must-have for a corporate hotel that is trying to draw business travelers. With so much work to be done on the go, it goes without saying that corporate guests need uninterrupted Wi-Fi access from every corner of their room.

2. A Dedicated Work Desk:

A work desk has been a staple of the standard room since long but new-gen corporate hotels in Kolkata have been revamping the concept of in-room workspace. Now, you can find a more stylish and user-friendly work desk that provides a comfortable spot to finish off all your last-moment presentation notes and emails. Office-style chairs and functional work desks are some tech-savvy additions to the power panels and docking stations for all your gadgets.

3. A 24 Hour Business Room

Outside of sending a quick email, most of the business executives would prefer not to work in their rooms. If you are also one of the busy bees, you will surely look for a separate business room with uninterrupted online access, comfortable seating and chargeable sockets.

4. Next Level Fitness Center:

A sound mind and fit body are all you need to reduce stress while on the go. That is why you can’t afford to miss your daily fitness regime. This is also very important for international travelers who are looking forward to getting rid of their jetlag. Therefore the business hotels are not compromising with 24-hours fitness facilities anymore.

5. Location, Location, Location!

A hotel’s location is one of the first things you should look for while booking one. After all, it’s a business meeting and you will have clients over the hotel you are staying in. Or perhaps, you have to go for a client meeting and you don’t want to be stuck in traffic just because you booked a hotel in the wrong place.

Welcome to the Hotel Blue Orchid Kolkata, one of the best corporate hotels in Kolkata which has all the above-mentioned facilities. Be a smart guest and choose a smart hotel that caters to all your professional needs.

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